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I am a Maria is a foreign Listing site which is famous for the most extensive business scope. Our business scope includes but not limited to North America, Europe and west Asia.

Meanwhile, we have an independent financing platform in London. We have particularly established a predication team which is constituted with top financial experts. Through this team we earned 60 million dollars in 2018, which makes us be able to get maximum return repeatedly in the “price difference battle” . As a result, investors can be in an invincible position. For a long time, we have been well-known in the profession and acquired good reputation of investors from all over the world and market trust.
We use programmed trading robot to carry out the automated trading, dozens of experts control the entire system, in the subprime crisis in 2018 and the global stock disaster in 2015, using the means of going short to make a huge fortune for company. Among them, there are mathematics and analysis experts, financial exchange experts, computer scientists and so on. At the same time, our unique trading strategy also let us become the leader of the industry. offers great investments plans and packages for EVERYONE, regardless of an individual financial status.



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