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Welcome to Sky Drone - Technologies LLC

Nowadays, speed and environmental protection are popular values in our modern world. Our company succeeds in combining both advantages with an innovative project: drone delivery systems. A delivery drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) utilized to transport packages, food or other goods. As you may imagine, drones are more environmentally-friendly by far than traditional delivery trucks, which means a major benefit at the time of global warming. Furthermore, this flying method enables drones to avoid traffic congestion in order to achieve an amazing delivery time!

Skydrone Technologies LLC has taken an active part in this new technological revolution. We have gone into partnership with major retailers like Amazon or Just Eat. Our business model is simple: you invest in our startup, which enables us to grow our commercial activity (for example, to create new delivery drones or to improve existing drone delivery systems in terms of speed...). Our partner companies share their incomes and more especially their drone delivery fees with Skydrone. So, in return, you will earn a percentage of these fees! know more




Skydrone Technologies LLC is a young US startup which was officially incorporated on April 24, 2018 in Arkansas. We are involved in research and development of drone technology for well known companies.

We are a computer engineers team from Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas in the United States. We are businessmen and aeronautics specialists as well.
Beyond this technical background, we are passionate guys who think outside the box and love quirky concepts, such as drone delivery! Everybody will notice that this "quirky" word is very subjective... what was quirky in 1900 is perfectly usual today in 2018, for example driving a car instead of riding a horse. We are strongly convinced that the same pattern will occur regarding drone delivery in the next decades. By the way, drone delivery is not a myth anymore.

This technology is already at its early stages in some areas like Reykjavik in Iceland. We invite you to read the CNBC article on this subject.
As a small startup, we benefit from an agile structure and a smooth management. Moreover, we have understood that we were well advised to get closer to multinational companies since they are likely to generalize drone delivery for years to come. Thus, we mainly focused on two giants: Amazon (electronic commerce and cloud computing company founded in 1994) and Just Eat (online food order and delivery service founded in 2001).

Now let's get to the point: Why invest in Skydrone Technologies LLC?
- There is purely and solely a "Culture of Speed" in all areas of our contemporary life: travel, transport, telecommunication, finance... As drone engineers, we have to meet this speed requirement and reduce delivery time as much as possible. Each and every one of us has already encountered the unpleasant delay of the pizza delivery driver. Is there anything more frustrating for your stomach? Conversely a drone is less subject to hazards of all kinds (traffic jam, mistake of the delivery man...)

- Delivery trucks are incredibly energy-guzzling. According to some studies, the truck is more environmentally-friendly for heavy packages only (not the case for most of the orders, especially food orders)

As you will have realized, drone delivery systems are an advanced technology and you should take part in this win-win deal for everybody:

- Amazon and Just Eat customers receive their orders much faster.
- Skydrone is keeping growing its turnover, in collaboration with these big companies.
- And of course, every Skydrone member is earning royalties on the drone delivery fees.
To conclude, let's tell you that our investments are opened to the general public since May 31, 2018. This first stage has been really conclusive, so we have decided to offer more interesting payplans since August 2018! Read more.

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