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In a Magical world of a group of generous dwarfs is mining crystals, bringing you profit non-stop


Our Investment plan: 
Investment Plan: 0.5% daily for 30 days
Min/Max: $20 / Unlimited
Referral: 1%





British Virgin Islands

Head Office, Accounting Department, Logistics

. Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

.BVI Company Number 1950683

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Company D-U-N-S number in Dun & Bradstreet roster 815498228

Contact Phone Number 381214872303

Working hours07.30A.M.-03.30P.M. (UTC 0)

Dear Musketeers!

8bit shoot congrats to the lucky druggies who won prizes in the Halloween 6666 contest. 666 arbitrary druggies who invested to Magical Medium package have won prizes total of$!

Winning chances got bigger depending on wholeness position of Main Green Container and Tank Storeroom.

The biggest 3 prizes went to these stupendous actors

1st prize,$- stoner Frastems

2nd prize,$666.66- stoner bluesaphire1209

3rd prize,$366.66- stoner re1kjav1k

The complete list of 666 lucky winners is then https// 8bit. ltd/ a/ r/ promo-halloween

For 8bit platoon positive feedback from lucky winners is the stylish price. We're veritably thankful for your support and involvement in our promos and other 8bit conditioning. See reviews from lucky winners and leave your feedback then https// 8bit. ltd/ a/ witnesses

Dear Musketeers!

Then are many recent updates on 8bit. ltd platform we would like to tell you about.

First of all, a quick memorial that 8bit Halloween promo ends in 6 days. Accelerate! Current prize fund is$.

Lately a new deposit point was introduced now you can transfer your deposit from Trial or Progressive package to Magical Medium.

8bit inventors are presently working on adding new features to the referral price system.

Also Free Coins Faucet is being streamlined and will continue working soon. Free Coins will be distributed in stablecoins.

Deposit section has been streamlined now Magical Medium packages are separated from Trial and Progressive bones.

Stay with us and watch as 8bit will come bigger and further popular.

There are more news to come

Dear Musketeers!

8bit launches a new creation called Halloween 6666!

Make deposit to a new Magical Medium package, come one of biggest investors and get a financial price! Total prize fund is$ for 666 winners.

1st place-$

2nd place-$666.66

3rd place-$366.66

And 663 prizes more

Halloween 6666 creation starts on October, 30 and ends on November, 16 2359 ( garçon time). All prizes are going to be credited to the account balance of the winners in USDT (TRC20) by November, 16 2359 ( garçon time).

Jump in and win your prize! Make deposit then https// 8bit. ltd

Promotion rules then https// 8bit. ltd/ a/ r/ promo-halloween

Dear 8bit family! 

We're proud to introduce a new plutocrat- making tool called Magical Medium that runs on Crypterium, an energy liquid that fills tanks and drums that represent the accumulation of your active deposit. Every day the medium’s creator produces magic chargers and special particulars including those that allow a unseasonable pullout of the top deposit, your profit and also grant access to secret packages.

Now druggies can make investments from any payment system to only one investment package. Each posterior deposit won't be considered as a new reality, but will be added to an formerly being deposit.

Then are some of advantages that Magical Medium brings

2x profit comparing to Progressive packages thanks to special supporter

new lagniappes upon reaching every$ 500 deposit corner

special magic keys drops

arbitrary demitasse drops

chance of a unseasonable pullout of top deposit

option to switch to an other investment period anytime

Learn Further about Magical Medium then https// 8bit. ltd/ a/ r/ mexp

Refil Magical Medium from any payment system then https// 8bit. ltd/ d

Dear Musketeers! On August 20, 2019 8Bit stopped supporting USDT OMNI rather switching to ERC20- grounded Tether


Now we're happy to advertise that we add support of TRC20- grounded Tether (Tron network- grounded USDT). It brings the benefits of high- speed sale evidence and low network freights.

Please note

TRC20 addresses start with a capital T, for illustration T9zP14.

ERC20 addresses start with"0x", for illustration 0xbd7e.

USDT ERC20 will renew working typically. USDT payment system will be renamed and both ETH Tether and TRX Tether will get their own icons.

Withdrawal network figure is$ 1. Pullout of profit and referral supplements can be made within the network that was used for making deposit.

We remind that lower than 1000 positions left in limited Giant Star 39M Package. Login your account to use new payment system for deposits https// 8bit. ltd/ c/ login

Dear Musketeers and mates! Mammoth Top packages are upgraded with two new limited options.

GIANT Top X2 75M offers 2999 profitability with allocated share of 1000 available deposits. This package offers37.5 referral price.

Mammoth Top X2 39M offers 1333 profitability with allocated share of 2500 available deposits. This package offers19.5 referral price.

By investing now to new investment packages before the share is depleted druggies are given a7.77 deposit perk.

Therefore, by investing$ 10000 now you can get a$777.00 deposit perk and get profit for it too.

See packages comparison then https// 8bit. ltd/ a/ r/ packages

Make Deposit Now https// 8bit. ltd/ d

Invite a friend and get up to 60 referral price https// 8bit. ltd/ a/ chapter

Dear Musketeers and mates!

8bit platoon is bringing good news to all our active druggies who have DOGE at their account balance. Following the DOGE distribution plan we launch the 2nd stage of DOGE payouts. Therefore, there were created 10 addresses with total balance of 1000000 DOGE (

$ USD).

All 8bit druggies who have or preliminarily had an active deposit that was made before October, 11 2021 can incontinently withdraw up to 200 DOGE (


As for Basic druggies who have noway deposited, FREE DOGE payouts for them will be made in stablecoins after FREE COIN Gate modernization.

Still, please use our Support Center https// 8bsupport, If you have

Dear Musketeers and mates!

We've been working long on creating some special series of investment packages called SAVING. Enough soon they will be revealed intimately. Now we ’d like to give you a skulk peep at what’s coming.

SAVING packages will allow druggies to combine several deposits credited with different payment styles into a single deposit. In addition, for each$ 500 of this united deposit druggies will get a perk and also advanced interest rate.

Then’s how SAVING packages work

All recently made deposits are fused into a single package.

For each$ 500 of this united deposit druggies admit lagniappes.

Your star deposit can be withdrawn anytime handed you have a special Purple Crystal item.

Upon filling the vessel to$ 5000 and$ 10000 marks druggies get access to heightened lagniappes.

Druggies will have access to diurnal comps of special particulars similar as Chargers and Special Keys which can be used to unleash new Personality packages.

Over the once months the DOGE exchange rate has increased by a factor of x200 from$0.0025 to$0.5. The USD exchange rate correlation to DOGE and other cryptos significantly affects the computations regarding the use of certain investment strategies. Right now 8bit platoon performs an optimization of payouts. The detailed word will be handed in private dispatches of 8bit. ltd customer area to certain druggies.

FREE DOGE comp will be replaced by stablecoins giveaway. Stay for updates.

For all current questions, please communicate us via the support ticket https//

Dear 8bit family! Moment 8bit platoon and the entire Pixel Softworks EngineeringLtd. celebrate 3 times of online exertion. It was a veritably instigative and intriguing period when we worked together with you and erected a close- knit community and developed a unique investment platform. We thank you all, our druggies and mates for taking part in development and testing of 8bit. ltd. Indeed during Open Beta knockouts of thousand of active druggies entered significant gains and are still entering them to this day.

On the occasion of 3- time anniversary we've prepared 3 amazing gifts for you

50 redundant XP that will grant you a advanced position in global ranking https// 8bit. ltd/ a/ r/ ranks

For 36 hours only we lift all the restrictions on the number of deposits for all investment packages

For 72 hours only will be available the following lagniappes

2 deposit perk for any PROGRESSIVE X2 package

12 deposit perk for any Mammoth Top X2 package

* To get free XP access our bot in Telegram@PSEofficialBOT and click I want 50 XP button in the Daily perk menu

** An option to make an unlimited number of deposits will be available until2021-03-30 130000 garçon time, after that all restrictions will be restored


*** Special tickets with 2 deposit perk for PROGRESSIVE X2 packages and 12 deposit perk for GIANT PRINCIPAL X2 packages are valid until2021-04-01 000000

Dear 8bit family!

Moment starts a new period of 8bit!

A fully new stoner interface is open for all our druggies and mates. But inventions do not stop then. Then is a brief look at new features coming to 8bit throughout coming 3 times

new advanced referral system

new website design acclimated for mobile bias

8bit's own personal commemorative

new saving investment packages with lots of deposit lagniappes

new investment packages available on a bidding base

new investment packages available with apre-order depositing

Fully new bounty program

more games in our Telegram bot

expansive representatives network and new indigenous branches and services

witnesses runner

hall of fame with detailed statistics

more popular cryptocoins and commemoratives for investing and recessions

multilanguage stoner interface

new elevations and contests for our druggies and mates and lots of other effects as well.

In a couple of days 8bit celebrates 3- time anniversary. We're veritably thankful for your fidelity and for making our company more together with our platoon. We promise to keep evolving and bringing you the stylish service, fulfill your requirements and make everything to keep your wealth growing. There is a lot of effects coming in the near future and you'll surely like it!

Thanks for being with us all this time.

8bit platoon

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