LTD Mido Finance Company


We're a platoon of specialists in colorful IT fields. We've combined the most popular areas in one platform, which will come the center of entry into the world of technologies and finance for both newcomers and educated dealers, collectors, miners. You no longer need to waste time looking for trendy ideas.



Our goal is to make cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible for everyone, so that everyone can earn money on the most promising and fast-growing crypto currency market. We create products that are necessary and useful to people, taking care of our users.

Our plan: 

1) 0.11% hourly for 24 Hours; 

2) 0.14% hourly for 72 Hours; 

3) 0.17% hourly for 120 Hours; 

4) 0.20% hourly for 240 Hours (Principal return)

Minimum deposit: $25

Maximum deposit: Unlimited

Withdrawal : Instant 

Our task is to create a single ecosystem that consists of different DeFi, DEX, liquidity pool, NFT products, which ensure the stable functioning of the ecosystem and a constant income for our users.


Check out our roadmap to find out our stages of development and our main goals that we set.

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