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Our platform offers capital growth services for every client, regardless of their status, income or country of residence. More info.



✅ 2.8% daily for 60 Days (Principal Included)Soci


Min Withdraw: BTC $30, BCH: $10, ETH: $30, LTC: $5, Tether: $1, USDC: $1, Tron: $5

Minimal Spend: $10

Referral: 3 Levels: 5% - 3% - 1%

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About company

FINANEX-officially registered company. We've been deeply specialized in trading cryptocurrency means since 2016 and use proven strategies to make gains. Utmost cryptocurrency means are characterized by high volatility. The use of films and longs allows our platoon to profit during price oscillations.

We misbehave with all applicable public and transnational laws, regulations and conventions in the countries where we do business and cleave to good commercial governance practices. We value translucency in all deals, contend fairly and only do business with mates who follow applicable laws and misbehave with our company s conditions.

We always strive to be leaders and strategically planning our development for the times ahead helps us not only in our bournes, but also makes our company and our business transparent and predictable.



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