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Carrier rocket technology conception

Xelius is anultra-efficient medium and a platoon of talented scientists and masterminds using advanced innovative technologies in the field of commercialization of deep space and near-Earth space. We're developing the conception of a new launch vehicle that will be suitable to deliver weight and outfit to the main asteroid belt area. When developing the conception and prototype, emphasis was placed on the fact that the use of this bullet system was commercially profitable and reasonable from the point of view of the impact of these technologies on the terrain.

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mining systems

As formerly mentioned, the carrier rocket, the prototype of which is formerly being laboriously developed by our company, will be suitable to deliver mobile mining systems equipped with independent energy sources of radioisotope reactors to the main asteroid belt.

Considering that radioisotope energy sources are the most effective sources of energy in deep space moment, we formerly concentrated on the development of this technology and now have our own technology of similar mobile energy sources, which makes us fully independent manufacturers of this outfit.

This allows us to maximize the range of products offered, including the conformation of mining complexes, enrichment and transportation of the attained accoutrements from the mining zone in the main asteroid belt to the Lunar route and near-Earth space with posterior delivery of accoutrements to the end stoner.

The entire complex of this outfit receives energy from radioisotope mobile reactors and the effectiveness of its use is the outside moment, taking into account the costs of design, product and posterior relief in the development of a technological resource.

Xelius creates a unique set of outfit and earns not only on deals, but also on the provision of services for the conservation and operation of these complexes, since the positioning and operation of these complexes located at similar significant distances from the Earth is an extremely delicate task from a specialized point of view, the result of which we were suitable to gain only lately. Read more.

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